Question to ask while on fast

  •        What do you want from me Lord

  •        In what areas of my life need improvement

  •       What things or areas in my life I need to let go

  •        How do you see me Lord

  •        How do I see myself Lord

  •       Who do I need to forgive that I haven’t

These are general questions make sure you journal, write down your thoughts and feelings; release
issues to Him in writing. Spend time with the Lord least 10 minutes s a day or every other day or just
quieting your spirit and mind, try not to thinking.

This a process to calming you mind and spirit, don’t get discourage it you can do it right away, stay
the course. That takes time to do but perfect practice makes perfect!

Journal, journal and journal, this is the time to pour out your heart to God. You will find peace, also
hear Him give you answers with direction. You will find that you will have more peace, understanding
and release from your issues you kept hidden. Sometimes it doesn't happen on the first day
because you body is to busy fighting you saying
"Hey stop this you are forcing me to behave".
This opens you up to Him and allows Him to heal your heart. Also it’s another way to come close to
yourself, to bring out that hidden person behind the everyday living of life has cause to be hidden.
This is a time to be free and to be set free and in your journaling is where you will soar and be
Isaiah 60:1 Arise And Shine For The Light Has Come And The Glory Of  The Lord Has Risen Upon Thee. All Rights Reserved 2018
A general guide to fasting
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