What is prayer?

This is  a brief introduction on what prayer is and how to pray.

You know how you talk to your friends, people etc? Talking is a form of communication.  
Prayer is a form of communication a vehicle used to request, worship and honor The Lord who is in Heaven.

Now most people are taught to believe that they  can’t come to the Lord because; I am messed up, I did this or that
in my pass, I’m doing this now so I’m going to wait until I clean up my act before I pray and go to Him.  If we could
clean up our act ourselves we wouldn't’t need Him and it would have been a waste of His time to die on the cross for

Here are some myths and pointers  about praying:

Do I have to get on my knees to pray?

No, the Lord accepts your prayers, if you are standing up, on the toilet, walking, sitting down. You are coming to Him
as you are. If you want to kneel that is okay, it’s another form of respect for Him.  Yes, He would like alone private
time with you. But He understands due to life, we may not have time, or space. As you see prayer work in your life, I
bet you, you will learn to make time for prayer because you realize it keeps you going throughout your day.

What do I say? I don’t know the bible.

Well, my best answer for that is, to ask the Lord to teach you what to say. In the meantime, come to Him as you are.
Just like you talk with your friend; He wants to be your friend, He is not that stuffy, stuck up, distant God that we
were taught He is. He is here for us, waiting for us to seek Him out through our hearts.

You can start by saying hello, I love you man, or, what’s up Lord? I want to learn to love you, I want to feel how it
feels to be loved by You, Lord. It doesn't’t have to be long, drawn out. You are learning to have a personal
relationship with Him.

I bet the Lord has showed you Himself, through someone else that has blessed you. See what I mean, He knows
what you need first, and He is here for us. He will not force us, but His grace will shine on you.  That is like getting
by (his grace) we could have more, but it will cause for a life change.  He wants to show you Himself and let you
make the decision if He is real or not.

Well, I just wanted to give you an idea on how to pray. Be encouraged, the only person that was perfect that walked
the earth is Jesus. So do not beat yourself up from your mis-comings. Just pick up your pieces, determine to do
better. Say better things about yourself, try and do the right things, pray, obey the rules, then watch change come
as you change. Doors will open for change; you have to choose if it’s what you really want. Not all help from God is
going to be perfect, but it will continue to get you to the next good level in your life.

Arise Kingdom Kids prayers below, a good general guideline on how to pray.  More prayers will be posted soon!!
Isaiah 60:1 Arise And Shine For The Light Has Come And The Glory Of  The Lord Has Risen Upon Thee.
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Prayer for Disasters     ( Justin: Arise Kingdom Kid Prayer)

In Jesus name I come against any disasters like hurricanes and flooding. I pray all of your angels are covering those
people that have been affected. I pray that those in affected are able to get to shelter and will be able to be to get a
new house. I pray that no one else dies from drowning and no sickness or disease happens. I pray that those people
that do not have a belief in God do believe and go the right path in their life. In Jesus Name.
A Prayer for Chicago Violence       ( Brandon: Arise Kingdom Kid Prayer)

Lord send your flock of angels to cover Chicago from violence and pierce their hearts. I pray they know right from
wrong and not let the enemy control their mind but you send them the Almighty Voice of the good shepherd. We pray
for those who do not know you and that they accept you in their life. Also, surround those with positive people and
may the negativity diminish. In Jesus Name.
A General Prayer        ( Sean: Arise Kingdom Kid Prayer)

Heavenly Father I come to you right now to give You all the honor glory and We  praise You Lord.  I
continually thank you for blessing me in life with people who support me in all that I do Lord.  Heavenly Father
continue to guide me as I allow your Word to cleanse my body, mind and my spirit.  Lord draw me closer to
you. Lord as my relationship with you continues to strengthen by my faith in You to stand strong. Heavenly
Father even in the toughest times, Lord you are the answer and nothing else. You are the Alpha and the
Omega. Lord I pray for those starting school and that they have a great semester in times of stress. Continue
to guide us each day Lord. We will seek you through prayer for the desires of our heart be granted in your
will, Heavenly Father. We stand in faith, that due time we continue to have patience and let you do you work
Lord as we do our part in our journey of life.  I uplift all of those lost souls out there and that they find you
Lord. Show them who you are and how powerful you are Lord.  I continue to uplift the ones I love in their
health, in their spirit and in their everyday travels.  We can do all things Lord through Christ who strengthens
us. We thank you from the top of our head to the soles of our feet Lord.  We love you in the mighty name of
Jesus we pray AMEN!