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Isaiah 60:1 Arise And Shine For The Light Has Come And The Glory Of  The Lord Has Risen Upon Thee.

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More to add as I create my Personal Memoirs Page. Still updating

Update: My new location is the one , my many heart desires come true.  

The lighthouse, mountains, winding roads, the valleys. These are a part of my favorite things!

I was smitten
by the right one, 4 years ago in August 2015. Haven't been back home since, due to this is home
now. I still have things to relocate here, but waiting for the right time. Timing is everything.  I decided to stay for love,
plus love made me stay (lol) one of my best decisions I ever made
( he chased me ). I got confirmation with fasting and
prayer, following my heart with faith that
he is one for me , this was the place for me( I've  been dreaming of  I was
invited and sent for. Flew my mother in to share m experience ( then put her back on the plane to her home lol). We
took tours, lodged at different locations. I examined the atmosphere, it sat right with me.  Not knowing what trails and
tribulations I would encounter with growth that came to me because I stayed.  However I advanced in knowledge within
many aspects of my life and career.  Many obstacles became opportunities. I had to let go of many things that was an
hindrance ( I didn't realize) even things I loved that I left.  All to move forward with my life to place me into my true
destiny. It prepared me for greater purpose with perfection. Uniting with my King, our future and destiny, he is my

I took a  BIG Chance, with a  BIG LEAP of faith.  I want the Lord perfection in my life so I  allowed the challenges to
challenge me. Plus I am a risk taker,  I know I make wise decisions. I traveled on the road in this State and it was always
a beautiful ride, which help me to stay focus.  No regrets, other than I did not like the wait and still waiting for more.
However the
unspoken language is real and keeps me on the course, and I trust The Lord choices for me.  This journey
has helped me to get to the other side of my personal mountains for the perfection of me.  Did I like the process of
change that brought me into better things, NOPE! I had to wait for things to be ended to start anew. He truly contains

Driving on this road is designed like my personal  love insignia and gives me so much joy.
My complex wasn't ready 3 1/2 years ago.  That is my point, as I have learned waiting is a good thing ( yuk poohie).  The
other location I resided was beautiful as well. I miss my eagles that flew in my backyard. However I open the doors here
an listen to the birds chirp as they sing  that make music, it really bless my heart. The view of the sun rising and sun
sets, the moon awwwwe. Of course I'm the top and many people say I have the best view. I do I do.

This place atmosphere here is better and beautiful to my total liking. I look forward to having fun and expecting what
else is next.

The Lord spoke to my heart and said  "he's a fine man".  I remember when the Lord spoke to my heart and said, give me
a little bit of time. I knew it would take some time (shoot). He had to prepare things for me, and used my spiritual mate
as the head to lead us into perfection.  I am waiting in faith, he keeps me even when I get upset and try to leave.
(LOL).  I am being perfected into the best me.

  It's perfect!  

Good Job!

Tangerine Dream:
Love on a Real Train
I enjoy music with positive lyrics with a nice uplifting beat and rhythm.
Donna Summer:
I Feel Love
The Blue Man group has an version of I feel love, that I truly enjoy as well.
Michael McDonald
: Our Love
Michael Franks: Now Your In My Dreams, Chez Nous
Shadowfax: Road To Hanna
Waiting For You
Clara Hill: Paper  Chase
Fleet wood Mac: BIG LOVE.
My next heart desire. I am waiting ~~  For Him  He is my heart, by Baby..

I enjoy  classical music.  One of my favs is Gershwin.  Rhapsody in blue, American in Paris, and Cuban Overture

I enjoy watching  old school musicals:  Gene Kelly, Frank Sinatra, Fred Astaire, Cyd Charisse.
That's Entertainment DVD Collection is Awesome! Who doesn't like Cirque Soliel!

Coon me with Frank Sinatra love songs  all day lon
g!  Because we love the Lord we don't have to stop everything we enjoy
doing, Just be wise what you allow in your spirit.

Know in your knower, follow your heart and gut, get confirmation. There will be causalities, especially when you realize who
doesn't have your  best interest and you have to let them go to be truly happy.  Have no regrets. Live your heart desires and
dreams. Most of all Trust in the Lord, He knows the plans he has for you.  There will be times you are challenged. Praise the
Lord I have the right one and He has committed to walk the roads less traveled with me. Commit to your actions, do not settle
for less.  The end is your peace with  joy.  Your gift will make room for you and take you places you never imaged. More
importantly do the right thing, however doing the right thing doesn't mean you have to suffer and be unhappy to make someone
else happy. In the end the choice is yours to make for happiness. Live the life you have imaged toxic free and in truth!

Trying to make this mobile compatible is challenging. However other formats don't allow me to create like the freedom
I have  with this format.   

The Love story is awesome and funny, will write more, my experience.
 He chased me up a up a stairwell.  I was like OH
Shoot, here he comes!!!!  I screamed in my spirit I was like No NO!!!! Hes coming!!  lol
We had a short courtship because
we both knew love at first site and our spirits spoke to each other. Thats another reason why I stayed. He did all the
right things that impressed me, like the characterises of an female eagle. Has anyone notice I like eagles? Ha Ha!  Plus
he reminds me of myself I love it, we are alike. The Lord knows what He creates and puts together, for such a time as