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Raja B. Chgo IL

My testimony is that I knew GOD, but did not really know GOD. I walk with blind folds, but now I
see. I was deaf, but now I can hear, I was intelligent, but now I have wisdom. I battle, but now I have
victory and I was troubled, but now I have peace. I fall and GOD picked me up and continues to pick
me up. I knew what love is, but now I know what being in Love is.

This is saying knowing who GOD is and understanding who you are will create the person that GOD
design for you to be. My testimony only comes from the ministry that GOD use to help create this
person I am today, which is Arise-n-Shine
Not a coincidence nor fate – but God’s will…………..From Dawn, Chgo IL

When introduced to Arise n’ Shine Outreach over a month ago, God was preparing me for a
journey of faith – one I could not take alone. It was suggested that I fast so that God could
reveal changes needed in my life to strengthen my walk as His child. Two weeks into my
spiritual walk, I went to the ER for kidney stones – a horrific pain I had only experienced during
childbirth. The world I’ve come to know would be forever changed as the doctor advised the CT
scan also uncovered a mass on my breast. Doctors stated countless times the kidney stones
saved my life as although invasive, the disease is in an early stage. GOD SAVED MY LIFE and
Arise n’ Shine Outreach has been there  on this unfamiliar road guiding me through scripture,
prayer and meditation as well as challenging me to “go deeper” uncovering facets of my life that
demanded attention.

Through prayer and meditation allowing God to be at the forefront of my life, He spoke to me -
BELIEVE, IT SHALL BE. Thank you Arise n’ Shine for accompanying me on this walk to stand
and embrace His Word as I walk by faith and not sight.
Final Outcome: NO chemotherapy,went from stage two to stage one, from double mastectomy
to single mastectomy.

                                    UPDATE: 7 years later still cancer free! 9/2017
From Leslie, in IL.

God works in ways that we do not expect.  I did not expect for
him to place his angel in my life but here you are. You have
helped me in ways that I probably would not have come up
with, you have helped me with my pain. I thank you.  Please
continue to keep me in your prayers.  Jesus Name,  Amen
Praise God!!

  This time last year I found myself
faithless,pregnant and frustrated.  And
prior to this time the Lord allowed me
and Sister Rochelle paths to cross and
she had admonished me of my walk
but i wasn't hearing it.  I was to full of
pride and religion.  During my
pregnancy and after Arise ministry has
been a support Spiritually and on so
many other levels.  And through  my
surrender to gods word and the
teachings I received through the
ministry my life has changed.  And now
I'm learning who I am in god and
learning to live a life that pleasing unto
the lord.  I'm enjoying motherhood and
all the fruits that come through

Walking by Faith
Barbarett C
Revelation 12:11
They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony
Isaiah 60:1 Arise And Shine For The Light Has Come And The Glory Of  The Lord Has Risen Upon Thee.