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                Forged By Fire ( still working on this page)

Did you know that life will either break you or make you? While you live life.

The human condition is something that we all deal with. It is also how you handle situations and circumstances of the hand that has been
dealt to you ( to live in).  I repeat myself saying in the good, the bad and the ugly. Choose your battles wisely.  How about those children
that have been given a hand of cards to deal with that isn't fair( The Grace of the Lord gets them through).  However as we grow in life,

Do not let your pass determine your future.

The Lord spoke to my heart ( when I first started my journey with Him), He called me a Paragon ( a model of excellence).  I will say and do
as the Word says. I want to make the Lord proud.  Choose this day either you will or won't trust Him.  Study His word, listen to His voice
speaking to your heart, be guided, directed while standing  the battles that will bring the best out of you. To be the best for Him and
yourself as you fight the battles in life to get you to the other side. Also enduring the trails by fire that forges you into someoone you
never knew you could be. Be a force!

As you are Forged By The Fire

The  Lord correct the ones he loves

However it will take heart... Much heart.

Lets grow into maturity as Christians, aim for perfection!  Be doers of the word and not just hears ( be proactive if it is your will to).
A person asked me oneday, "So you are into the Word does the Lord make you do things?"  My response was,
"we have a choice".

There are consequences for our choices in the good the bad and the ugly.

I encourage you to be your best in your life whatever choices you make that a best for you.

Live The Life You Have Imaged

Even if you do not receive the Lords or His concepts.

I will write more on things later.

* The human nature has 3 forms of existence"

* The Spirit ( which connects to the spiritual realm) That is why when people pass their spirit is transitioned over and the body is left.
( I can get very technical on this matter however I will let the Word speak for itself, more news at nine)

Hebrews 9:27 And just as it is appointed for man to die once, and after that comes judgment

Its deep out here people I shared with you my experience on the Lord is the perfect matchmaker page (click here for link).

* The Mind  which is your own thought process/ free will as you are given to make your own choices. (AKA the Soul)
* The Body, which you live in, which contains your spirit, your mind (soul)  which contains a thought process,

This is a disclaimer of the Author of this  page which takes no responsibility of other choices. It's is based on my own belief

I am going to break down and explain everything. It is up to you to choose what you want to believe.  
However weigh it out. What are you willing to loose to gain greater?

Battles are necessary to place you on other side the mountain for your life... That places you into your destiny and True happiness.
Forged By Fire