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Fasting helps us achieve breakthrough in our lives, clears our minds, spirit and
souls, remove any stagnation as well as draw closer to God.

One who is a new babe in Christ should begin by fasting once per week from
sun up to sun down,or  4 hours, I suggest on a  Sunday or Monday to set the
tone for the rest of the week, but can be done anyday of the week.

You should refrain from a favorite past time such as television or time spent on
the computer. Or you can refrain from favorite foods such as sweets, fast foods,
or caffeine.

Ideally is should be a sacrifice and it is important to meditate and study the
Word of God, or just tell Him you Love Him. You can use this time to think about
you and what you want to conquer and  called to do in YOUR LIFE.

You can then move forward to the next level of fasting from sun up to sun down,
or 6 hours a day for 10, or  21 days again refraining from that favorite past time
or food.

Those more experienced in fasting can also undertake the Daniel fast which
consists of fruits and vegetables throughout the day for 21 days. Again fasting
helps us to develop intimacy through the Word of God as we fall in love and
become imitators of Him. Temptation and challenges may come to move you off
course however, we encourage you to continue this journey with us. We invite
you to fasting experience breakthrough you have been waiting for in your life!
    Fasting 101

Mark 9:29King James Version (KJV)

29 And he said unto them, This kind can come forth by nothing, but by
prayer and fasting.