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Isaiah 60:1 Arise And Shine For The Light Has Come And The Glory Of  The Lord Has Risen Upon Thee.
                                                                    Happy New Year!

Thank you again for being my biggest supporters. The years Trusting in the Lord to find my
home (destiny).
However the process wasn't always pleasant, I  stayed the course. I encourage you all to do
the same. Aim & exceed into your happiness. Learn to be happy, it's okay. In the process not
everyone is going to be happy with you. Be happy with yourself and your choices.  Do the
right thing, make the Lord proud. Be a man or woman of your word, do your best. Learn to
know when to hold on and learn to know when to let things go and let God.  
I am still waiting on completion, trying to keep from being anxious. However I am being
proactive and will be ready for when the time comes!
                           Rebuilding Lives With The Word Of God
Daniel 11:32  but the people that know their God shall be strong, and do great  exploits.
The Beginning of it all, why the
world  is messed up, if He loves us.
Coming Soon!!!
Faith what is it, and why it is the
Key to the Kingdom of God.
Romans 10:17

Coming Soon!!!
1Pe 2:2  Be like newborn babies, always thirsty for the pure spiritual milk, so that by drinking it you may grow
up and be saved.
Why Battles are necessary to place you
on other side the mountain for your life...
That places you into your destiny and

Coming Soon!!
What is the Kingdom Of God?

Hint: Its a Spiritual Force
John 6:63

Coming Soon!!!
A man that finds the perfect wife ( for
him) finds is a good thing!

Proverbs 18:22
Amos 3:3
Coming Soon!!!
It is a war, what side will
you be on? Are you
willing to learn to fight the
right way? Being strong
in the Lord and the
power of His Might.

Recommended Book:
Armed and Dangerous
by John Ramirez
What are the fruits of the Spirit?

Galatians 5:22-23

More to Come!!
  Updated  2/3/2019
      Psalms 138:8
       Psalms 27:14
Timing is everything!
I'm happy that we are
in the Lord perfect
timing. It's beautiful
when your mate hears
and obeys the Lord, for
the journey!
That's what I asked for.

Is it rough at times?      
YES! Who Likes
waiting? The Lord
timing is perfection in
the making, worth the
wait in the end.

   Journey of Faith

I am at headquarters now. I will complete what I

What is faith? Faith is anything you believe in, and
it will work for you. The Word of the Lord faith Only
comes by hearing, saying, positive confessions
guided by the Word in the Bible. Jesus turned the
water into wine isn't quite a word to meditate on.
Come stronger than that!
Who we in Christ link is a
good start. Romans 10:17

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