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Isaiah 60:1 Arise And Shine For The Light Has Come And The Glory Of  The Lord Has Risen Upon Thee.
2 Timothy 3:16-17 (KJV)

16 All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for
reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:
17 That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works
Rebuilding Lives With The Word Of God
Daniel 11:32  but the people that know their God shall be strong, and do great  exploits.
Updated  06/05/17

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Accepting Truth,    A note to singles
wait on the Lord. He brought me to
another State  for my soul mate to find
me!**Ready To Read**

Updated/Revision due to revelation
of  true destiny in the journey.
1 Peter 2:9King James Version (KJV)

9 But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that
ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his
marvellous light
The Beginning of it all,
why the world  is
messed up, if He loves
What is prayer, how
to pray.
The process of  the
Journey, and my own
personal experience.

**Almost ready***
How to mediate the Word
Of God and why it is
important in the  
transformation of  your
Faith what is it, and
why it is the Key to
the Kingdom of God.
Why are battles  
necessary in the
Kingdom of God.
What is the bible?  
Why should I
Purpose, destiny, purpose
driven life, being apart of
the cause, the light in the
darkness, the salt  in the
world,  and  learning how
to use wisdom which
means making the right
What are the Promises of  The Lord,
the covenant that comes with it.
What makes  the covenant of  
a marriage powerful on earth
as it is in heaven. What does
the Bible say about it? When
two become as One.
Journaling is good while you read the
bible.  It helps you to reflect, on what
the Word is speaking,  it's  also a
communication tool between you, the
Lord and your deeper self. Its okay to
ask  questions, He will answer!
1Pe 2:2  Be like newborn babies, always thirsty for the pure spiritual milk, so that by drinking it you may grow
up and be saved.
June 5th is my Spiritual Birthday. I accepted to Lord Jesus Christ into my life. That
day I decided for the rest of my life.

Proverbs 3:5-6King James Version (KJV)

5 Trust in the Lord with all (my) thine heart; and lean not unto (my) thine own
understanding In all (my) thy ways (I) acknowledge him, and he directs (my) thy

I am excited, 12 years of traveling roads less traveled. The time has come!!!

Thanks for coming back and checking out what is new.

God is real (Israel), He is still the Lord of lords, the King of kings, no matter what
things look like. Grace falls under that. What type of umbrella do you have, other
than grace.  Is it  totally covering you, and is it enough?

I have a good story behind that. I am totally relocated, I love the rain as well as
staying dry.  Umbrellas don't work here. I need rain boots, a rain coat ( I know a
poncho isn't enough), and a rain hat.
                                    **** Praise The Lord Saints!!!*******

I planned to have another page ready, however it is just not working out people (laughs) Arugh
man, I tell you, it is really a process and I am not going to put anything out here that is not
anointed, simple as that. I am a person of order, working in excellence, handling my Father

Be true to yourself, and who you follow, be accountable to you. Make God proud!!!

" I am fully persuaded what God has promised me, He is able to preform" Rom 4:21
                The steps of a good man is ordered by the Lord Psalms 37:23

                                                   Be Bless!!!!

                      I am working on it!!! Perfection takes time.

The Goal is adding more when I get settled in headquarters. We have to update pages, format
them, We have to revamp things. We have given you a lot that you can work with that is already
here as we continue to prepare to give you more. We come back many times to visit here, it's
encouraging. We are sure it will do the same for you. Our moto is, since this works for us it will
work for you. If it doesn't well that is why there are many different ministries out here. You have
to find the one that works and speaks to you personally. People come and get what they need.
What is important that we are prepared for your coming. We invite you and welcome you to visit,
return many times, our revolving doors are always open. ~~

John 14:2
In my Father's house are many (rooms) mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I
go to prepare a place for you.

What is more important is that God's ( The King of Kings ) timing is everything. I thank You
Lord that my King works only in The Lord perfect timing for us! The voice of the Good Shepard
is the
ONLY VOICE he (we) hear and obey.  Good Job :)

John 10:14
I am the good shepherd; I know my sheep and my sheep know me.

Isaiah 30:21
21 And thine ears shall hear a word behind thee, saying, This is the way, walk ye in it,
when ye turn to the right hand, and when ye turn to the left.
Assignment for the year of 2017 is
reading Proverbs.
The Book of Wisdom.

We invite you to explore why it's
important to make the right choices.
This book of knowledge gives
understanding by explaining why.
The man who finds a wife finds a treasure, and he receives favor from the LORD. English
Standard Version He who finds a wife finds a good thing
Proverbs 18:22

Advance class: I find it easier at times to listen to the books of the bible, on DVD or CDs or
on websites that provides audio. Listening in this order Job, (which is very good, will help
with anger issues) The book of Jeremiah. The Lord is weeping  over His children
 For the battle is not yours, but God's. 2Chronicles 20:15
I am justified by
faith. Romans 5:1